Prop 65

California Prop 65 Warning and Information 

At Basecamp Kitchen Inc. (doing business as 'Fuel My Day Foods'), we take food safety and the quality of our products very seriously. We are diligent about our quality control protocols, and we manufacture and pack all of our products in the United States, where we can closely monitor the production and distribution process. However, nearly all foods grown in nature contain trace levels of naturally occurring elements/minerals, such as lead, cadmium, and other metals. These elements/minerals are naturally present in most soils because they are found in the earth’s crust. Because these minerals, as well as other nutrients, are present naturally in the soil, they may be absorbed by plants through their roots during the growing process. 

As a result, there may be unavoidable traces of these undesirable elements/minerals in the grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are ultimately harvested, processed, and made available for livestock, fish, poultry, or human consumption. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health authorities have determined that tiny traces of these naturally occurring elements/minerals in foods are unavoidable and do not present a public health risk, threat of injury, or need for warnings. 

The FDA regularly monitors the amount of cadmium, lead, and other metals in food. Basecamp Kitchen is diligent in ensuring that all of our products, at all times, meet or exceed FDA regulations and safety standards. Notwithstanding the FDA’s approach to these trace elements/minerals, the State of California has passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, also referred to as Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”). Prop 65 is a unique, California-only “right to know” law that requires all applicable products sold in California to bear a warning notice about potential exposure to more than 900 listed potentially harmful chemicals/elements/minerals that could cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. 

Prop 65’s warning standards are uniquely low and in many cases are based on assumed daily (aggregate) exposures rather than per serving exposures. No other state or authority has adopted any regulation or requirement similar to that of California’s Prop 65. As a practical matter, Prop 65 does not ban any products from sale in California; rather, it simply requires a warning for any product (food or non-food) that may expose a California resident to the established level of a potentially harmful, listed element, mineral, or chemical. 

The warning statement that satisfies Prop 65 requirements has been proscribed by state authorities, which is why you may see very similar warning statements on numerous food and non-food products. Although Prop 65 contains various exceptions and exclusions, including a “naturally occurring exception” that potentially would apply to the trace levels contained in our various oatmeal products, we do not believe it would be a cost-effective use of resources to undertake the activities necessary to meet the state of California’s documentation requirements to qualify for that exception. 

Quite simply, we would rather spend our time and resources developing new products and new, delicious flavors for our overall loyal customer base. As noted above, trace amounts of lead, cadmium, and other metals, minerals, elements, and chemicals listed under California’s Prop 65 may be present in even the most carefully selected and sourced ingredients contained in Basecamp Kitchen products. Lead, in particular, is a naturally occurring element that is found in soils throughout the world. As a result, trace levels of lead (in particular) may be present in our oatmeal, and in various instances, lead may be present at levels beyond the Prop 65 “safe harbor” level, which is why we have included the Prop 65 warning on our products, and this more detailed information, for the California residents that choose to enjoy or products. To learn more, please visit California's Prop 65 website.