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Why We Started FMDF

Craig and Jon - half the founding team - have a weird job: they spent the last decade training people to join military special operations. They wrote a book about it. 

However, there was a problem.

Strength can be coached. Cardio. Mindset. Emotional regulation. Habits.

But you can't coach nutrition if there is no good food to eat.

Or, more specifically, if you don't have the time, access, or ability to cook. Craig and Jon continually ran into the same problem, over and over again: even at the highest levels of performance, their clients were eating suboptimal food.

In this context, suboptimal is a nice way of saying 'trash.' No judgment - it was usually the trash of necessity.

If you already have a full-time job (usually an existing military role) and then you add multiple hours of daily training, no kitchen access, and an unpredictable schedule, you can guess what happens - the same thing that happens to everyone else. You eat whatever you can reach. Gas station burritos are much better than starving.

So, they tried something. Craig had a homebrew recipe he made for himself and his wife, designed to save them time after they had a baby. It was a bagged blend of carefully balanced protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers. These meals were compact, incredibly nutritious, and tasted … pretty good, actually. They did the job.

They started sending these pre-packaged meals from the kitchen counter in Colorado to special operators all over the world.

And they worked. They were eaten in kitchens, tents, barracks, and mountaintops. Initial feedback was excellent. In fact, they were so good the thought occurred: why couldn't these be for everyone?

Everyone is busy.

Everyone struggles to eat well all the time.

There were only three problems:

1 - the meals were massive - they were made for 200lb men doing hard physical activity all day
2 - they were good, not great.
3 - making them was slow.


Solving the size problem was easy: they were scaled down. Regular people don't need (or want!) Special Operations calories, so we shrunk the serving size for normal people (like us!)

The other two problems were harder. To make All Day Energy great would require a chef. To make it quickly would require a company.

Enter Chef Jen - with 20 years of experience in high-end dining and designing performance nutrition programs for elite champions like Georges St-Pierre and Sloane Stephens, the recipes were turned over and became better than good - they’re now great.

The final step was Fuel My Day Foods. Our goal is to provide quick, delicious, healthy, portable real-food options for when time is short, with the nutrients required to fuel your day and keep you locked on to your health and performance goals.


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